How to build with railway sleepers?

Do you want to build something with railway sleepers but are unsure how?
Do you need ideas or tips on how to construct a railway sleeper project? A raised bed, retaining wall or steps?
Do you want to see useful pictures and descriptions of how other people have built their railway sleeper projects?

There are TWO sections on this website you'll find helpful:

1) Railway Sleeper Projects Library & Gallery

The world's LARGEST collection of railway sleeper projects & ideas!


This is an astonishing collection of railway sleeper projects that will give you hundreds of examples, ideas & photos on every conceivable railway sleeper project.  A wealth of information and inspiration that will help you design and construct your project with excitement & confidence. Futhermore, once finished, you are invited to add your own creation to this wonderful resource that will help build and shape 1000's of future landscaping & railway sleeper projects. The world's largest collection!

RAISED BEDS with railway sleepers
RETAINING WALLS with railway sleepers
STEPS with railway sleepers
DECKING PATIOS with railway sleepers
WATER FEATURES with railway sleepers
BUILDINGS & STRUCTURES with railway sleepers
ASSORTED PROJECTS with railway sleepers
PUBLIC EVENTS with railway sleepers
FURNITURE with railway sleepers
ART & UNIQUE PROJECTS with railway sleepers
PLAY AREAS with railway sleepers

2) Answers to Questions about Building with Railway Sleepers


People often ring us or e-mail us with a variety of questions about railway sleepers, ranging from the practical 'which product is best?', to the technical 'how do you construct this?'. In addition to the Projects part of the site, this section of the website aims to build up a few answers to those questions 'How do I build this?' 
HOW TO BUILD RETAINING WALLS with railway sleepers
HOW TO BUILD RAISED BEDS with railway sleepers
HOW TO BUILD RAISED PONDS with railway sleepers


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